DOTBIGBANG: Just another Roblox Clone?

DotBigBang is the Metaverse you can play in a browser, easy as that.
DotBigBang is the Metaverse you can play in a browser, easy as that.

What is DotBigBang?

As often, this is not easily described if you are not into the Metaverse thing, but as easy as possible explained I would say it is a User Created Gaming Metaverse offering both: Playable Games and the Option to create your own Games and host and offer them on the DotBigBang Platform. Basically yes, it is some kind of Roblox and it is undeniably the by far easiest explanation as Roblox is Grandfather of all UGC Metaverses, except DotBigBang happens in the browser.

What is the Pros of DotBigBang over other UGC Platforms?

You do not need to install software, which is cool, just an account and you can get to creating and experiencing games. Thus this the most easily accessible UGC platform out there. Just open your browser and play. I even see here an Option to become the new "Flashgames Era" big thing on which you can play all kind of short-term-games when bored, except it excludes learning Java or Flash or HTML5 and you do not have to bother with Pixel Art or Modelling your environment and Characters in external software. The graphcis are kept simple, Voxel-ised, a little bit like Minecraft in a browser but all kind of Genres to Create and Play. These voxels make it easy to create your worlds but also hold some limits which can be overlooked as that's the kind of brand for this Engine / Metaverse / UGC Platform.