CRAYTA: Something Cyber, VFX and going mobile

Crayta Games updates with smartphone / mobile preparation including a simulated touch screen
Crayta Games updates with smartphone / mobile preparation including a simulated touch screen

So here's the thing, looking at the biggest UGC Roblox, the most userbase plays mobile, there is no way around going mobile when you want to be successful and big in this industry and learning from Core Games, which launched Simulated Touch Controls a few months ago already, it was just a matter of time for Crayta to follow up. Different from Core, which has a Standalone Launcher, Crayta runs through Stadia, Facebook Gaming and Epic Games Launcher - so how do they plan to launch their UGC Platform on mobile and will it be on Android or on iOS or on both and will it work as a Standalone Application or do we have to expect some data-stealing attachements from Facebook / META? Crayta throws a steak in the crowd but leaves out the spicing.

NPC's, VFX and more shortcuts - whale, no!

Another two thigns we already have but a little bit different. It seems like that's all we have to expect from Crayta's latest Battlepass/Season, just a few Options to already existing NPC's and a few more Options to Fire VFX which. As always these functionalities are solved, clearly as always, by simply adding more Options in the Properties than before. I am not saying this is a bad solution, but it is the same as for anything that has been added lately: Just make it more complex and crowded! So instead of fixing and optimising the real issues in Usability and Strucutural Problems Crayta has and makes Crayta feel and look like a Hobby-Made-Project we get put off with some Visual Effects and a few Scrollbars to move.

Optimising a crappy Editor, when?

I really don't think this is the right way to go, if you have a barely optimised and crappy User Interface and a real shitty Usability on your Editor, adding more functionalities BEFORE optimising does simply disrespectfully show how much the Company cares about Creators: Not at all! They are pushing updates with more content, so you can give them more games without the Company actually caring about making your experience as a Game Developer better. Let's hope, just as we did last season already, that U2G will wake up and give the Creators a helping hand by polishing and optimising their crappy Editor instead of filling the Trash with more Gold that barely anyone can make use of.