CORE: OpenSea NFT's in Core Games

OpenSea integration in Core Games, Epic Engine based, UGC Games engine.
OpenSea integration in Core Games, Epic Engine based, UGC Games engine.

In June 2022 a major Update on Core Games was announced and went live shortly after: Games made in Core have a full integration for Reading the OpenSea Database. This means practically, that one of the major UGC Platforms, Core games, lays a fundamental stepstone towards web3 integration and real Metaverses. But as often, many voices voiced against this, as the Topic NFT seem to be scary to some stoneage people.

Is this good or bad? Those NFT's?

Basically, if you don't know what this is, no these ain't JPG's, this is a number stored on a Server. Simple as that. And this number includes information that someone owns this number. Let's say you own the number 1. So far, NFT's are still super modern tech and do not offer more than having a JPG attached to this number. Whatever is attached to the Number "1" which you buy, the NFT, can be anything, from a simple JPG to real life Properties. All the NFT does say is "This number 1 belongs to this person". It is just so easy to make a bunch of JPG's thus lazy ass bitches created nothing more than JPG's to earn a lot of money. And many lazy ass idiots thought they can make a quick moneyscheme fortune - they didn't. Thanks to those money greedy idiots (NFT Sellers AND Buyers) the term NFT is uglyfied and hated amongs those stoneage people. Quote from one of them: "Ono, I don't know what it is, Stoneage Person scared, stoneage person throws rocks on NFT!"

What Pros can be seen with this unique first-of-a-kind step in UGC Gaming Industry?

I cann already tell you, this is the future! People will be buying NFT not to own JPG's but to own ownerships ingame. You the creators, can create worlds in which those NFT's are integrated and the cool part is, since an NFT cann be, just like a product, resold by the most recent owner, you create a real life economy including your own games! If this ain't the shit, then you are shit. No, really, do not fear "the new fire" little stonage person. It is literally just a digital document that's saying you own a thing. So go out there and own it! Create games and world in which your NFT's have a real value besides being a JPG. Create worlds in which your NFT-Customers can own buildings, costumes, skills, abilities, objects, consumables and whatever the fuck you want them to own! It is YOUR world and YOUR world just got huge, including a Community of multimillion possible gamers.

What does this mean specifically for Core Games?

Basically nothing, if you don't want it to mean anything. You still can play the same games as before. And yes, you can CREATE the same old ass cookieclickers and idle block droppers without using NFT's, just like before. This functionality is optional. It does not change anything about whatever you think about and do with Core Games, little stoneage man. But if you accept being in the future, and the future is now, then you can create games like the Social HUB / RP successor Second Life including real life values and an economy that is steered ingame by changes in the real world. Take a step into modernity or keep playing Comodore. It is on you, you can keep it the way it was without any meaning to you as player or creator or you can embrace the changes and move on to something in the 80's got labeled "Metaverse" which we, the Creators, are shaping.