CRAYTA: Sport Minigames are a thing!

Crayta is launching a Summer Sports Minigames Event and this is why it is good
Crayta is launching a Summer Sports Minigames Event and this is why it is good

So here's the next Big Event from Crayta which does not involve getting payed a lot of money but to have a lot of fun together in a Metaverse. While Crayta has been dropping money, like MMORPG Enemies drop Loot, for every oh so little kind of Jam they attracted many Jamhunters, Jamhunters who do not really care about the actual Community or Engine but come to get their paycheck. But what about the players, the actual audience? Those who really build a community, those who comsume the product, those who actually are the target audience of such a Metaverse?

And this where a Sportsgamesevent comes in handy! ► Play their Sport Minigames Event here.

Attract actual target audience for a Metaverse

Learning from the previous success of Sport Summer Games on Core, this lesson should've taught every Metaverse how to create and entertain a Community and bringing Players to their Platform. Let's be honest: Creators in the long run are not the actual target audience. Many Creators come for a quick buck and the hope to create a business around themselves and the engines they use. So the actual people who would leave a buck to keep the Engine/Software/Company going are players and those do not care about fancy VFX Editormode Settings, Programminglanguages and how well the Editor functions or not. A players cares for having a good time playing some decent games and sometimes the company behind those Engines have to step in and create those games. Crayta did and it seems like a promissing step towards creating a raport with their Players by giving them some lighthearted actionpacked distractions.

Three Bases for Successful Sport Games Events

  1. Easy to understand Gameplay, no biggies around onboarding needed
  2. Short paced fun with possibility of long term reward for being the MVP in a game
  3. Many many many options to spend their time, many choices for Games without actually moving from Game to Game*

Why SPORTS is such a good choice for their plans

Let's imagine a casual target audience person for a Metaverse which aims to be a gaming platform. This would be, in most cases, a male in the age of around 12 and 16. This person does not know much in their real life of this world except school, friends, parents and some superficial stuff from the internet. So taking a clicheé that appeals to young males in this range of age cannot be without some kind of athletic activities. Be it that this person themself is playing football, going to the gym, having role models in sports or maybe even being really bad at sports and excluded from the group of people that are. I know there are many voices voicing against those clicheés but it is what it is and if you don't believe it, check on audience of Roblox which made Obbies, which is in real life Freerunning and Parcour, famous on these kind of platforms. Thus having several sport activities as a game, makes either enhance the interest in those or give a chance to be at least digitally part of these kind of activities. Sport games trigger deep rooted instincts which all of us have, some more (those are usually Footballplayers, Runners, Bikers, Boxers etc) and some less (Being good at Fifa and other digital games).

Obviously, a broad audience

Even those who do not count themselves to be the actualy audience for any kind of Sports do participate for the lulz, for the atmosphere, for the happening and for the gathering itself. There is not much needed for many Sports to at least participate shallowly in football, or running and other similar simple activities which easily can be tunred into online games. If you do not believe me, check this super important and valuable and credible source of a person who is not involved themselves into sports but still participates:

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*"Moving from Game to Game" is meant in the sense of changing Servers and loading a different Map.